Name 80 Hydro Solid Series Type A

Super-thin Water Repellent Series

Model No.: BS80M
Size (W x H x T): 600mm x 500mm x 80mm
Formation: Solid Block Type
Density: 1100kg/m3
Weight: 27kg
Thermal Insulation: 0.18 W/(m.k)
Sound Insulation: 40dB
Fire Rating Protection, FRP: 4hrs
Max.Wall Height w/o Stiffener: 7m
Water Absorption Rate: less than 5.0%
Compressive Strength: 10 MPa
Flexural Strength: 4.0 MPa
Wall Plastering: Not required
Recommended Application: Bathroom 

Kitchen Wall

Having space limitation does not mean you have to compromise on the design and interior decoration especially at the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Those areas can be physically enhanced or optimised by using thinner walls made possible by our 80mm Hydro Solid Series Type A gypsum blocks, bringing great flexibility in designing your ideal layout while enjoying the core benefits of the wall; 4hrs FRP, low water seepage and high durability.

80 Hydro Solid Series Models