Our Firm

Marshal Group is at the fore-front of integrating new and exciting building technology with existing systems to provide clients with unparalleled excellence in construction industry.

Our business focused on providing our clients with energy saving, environmental friendly, sustainability and recyclable Specialised Construction Material Solutions which in return helping our clients with a long-term saving during operation, immediate cost reduction during construction and company’s image uplifting.


ONE-STOP solution on specialized construction materials for future building


To be a total solution provider of high quality building material partnering with all stakeholders to ensure completion is done with great quality, efficiency and integrity

Christopher Chang

Christopher Chang

CEO of Marshal Group

Meet The CEO

To succeed in a business, understanding ones need is up and foremost important. I started off working as a field engineer after graduating in Mechanical Engineering and then moved onto sales and marketing. One thing that caught me most during that span, no matter what field you are in…”UNDERSTANDING” is the word. No matter how big or how small the business is, my goal is to be sure that my client’s receive the most suitable services to their needs.

Why Are We Different?

Our Products

  • Cost Saving.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Easy Application.

Our Services

  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Our Team

  • Professional.
  • Experience in Construction

Our Core Expertise & Product Range


Walling System




Water Proofing




Fire Retardant




Steel Structure






Repair Materials